Update Your Home's Appearance

Find replacement windows in East Falmouth & Barnstable, MA

Are your outdated windows causing you headaches? Windows in older homes often leak air and worse-water. The good news is you don't have to sacrifice your home's classic style when ordering replacement windows through Stuart & Co, LLC.

You can find just about any modern or traditional style you want in our selection of Anderson and Harvey replacement windows. Contact our East Falmouth & Barnstable, MA location today to schedule a consultation.

Could new sliding doors save you money?

Stuart & Co, LLC also installs new doors in the East Falmouth, Massachusetts area, including the ever-popular sliding doors.

Replacing your old sliding doors with newer models can improve your home's energy savings by...

  • Creating a tighter seal. As your doors age, their seals become weaker and allow more air to pass through.
  • Preventing heat transfer. Newer doors use better materials that help block heat and UV rays.
  • Letting the light in. Increasing a home's natural sunlight cuts down on energy-wasting electric lighting.

Looking for another way to invite sunlight into your home? Ask us about our skylight installations when you call 508-457-6495 today.